Provides buttons for website users to increase or decrease font sizing in containers

Will Woodgate
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The purpose of TextResizer is to let a website user increase or decrease the font size in 6 increments; 3 stages larger over the current size and 3 stages smaller over the current size. This could be useful for larger quantities of text like website terms and conditions, a privacy policy or a table. With this stack, the website user doesn't have to use their browser zoom controls to view blocks of content at a more comfortable size. TextResizer uses some jQuery Javascript code to change text sizes client-side. You can either apply the resizing to text blocks dragged and dropped into TextResizer or target elements elsewhere on the page.

TextResizer was previously developed in 2012 by RWExtras, under the name 'Font Resizer Ultimate'. Now named to just 'TextResizer', the stack was re-released in November 2021. Changes include support for targeting other elements on the page with the resize buttons and tidying-up of the user interface. The stack continues to work well with a wide choice of themes and frameworks.

Different stacks are supported by TextResizer; including styled text, Markdown, columns, tables and HTML code. TextResizer doesn't introduce any extra code into your written content, change the font faces or convert text into images. Elements in your content like links, lists and basic formatting are preserved. Text placed inside TextResizer remains accessible to all website users and search engines.

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