New In Version 4.0.0

Changes in this free update include:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13
  • jQuery is now called locally, from within the theme
  • All jQuery Javascript is now wrapped inside our private $ThemeFlood() closure, to limit the risk of conflicts with other scripts or plugins on the same page
  • Moved all Javascript calls to the end of the page, to promote faster page loading
  • Tidied and re-indended the index.html file, to make future edits easier
  • Minified the main scripts.js file
  • Added a custom.js file to the theme, for the benefit of users wanting to write their own Javascript
  • Greatly expanded the choice of font face options available
  • Container clearers now use classes instead of inline CSS
  • Changed the ordering and labeling of some style settings, to make things easier to find
  • The menu and content background colours can now be set independently of each other

ABC is now GDPR compliant. All Font Awesome icons, jQuery Javascript and embedded font faces are stored within the theme contents; with no links or calls to external locations. The fonts listed all support Latin extended characters.

ABC is also being offered as a free replacement to users of the former 'Black & White' theme. Black & White has not sold in significant numbers in recent times; owing to its fairly limited choice of style options and the primitive mobile navigation menu. We have decided to retire Black & White for the time being. The ABC theme can be used to create everything the Black & White theme could do; and a whole lot more. Please contact support if you require a copy of ABC.

The ABC update is provided as a free update for all existing users. You can get the update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Waterfall or download this latest version from your Paddle account.

ABC is a responsive, clean and elegant theme with a very nice dropdown menu and a lot of options (many different fonts, widths, font-sizes, colors, font-awesome icons, etc.). Fast (up)loading. Optional you can use images in the banner, with the Title and Slogan on or above the banner.

Down- and right arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website. In the Theme Styles you can choose between a left, center or right position of the Header and/or the Logo and/or the Menu and/or the Footer.

Addon Details

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 92 addons.



7 months ago

Beautiful because of its simplicity

I used this theme for the website of a cute little bookstore. Simple and beautiful, simply beautiful. :)