BootSnap3 is a FREE theme for ALL RapidWeaver users. Code savvy users can use the free theme and code snippets from the Bootstrap project to create a fully responsive site. If you want the stacks to use in conjunction with the theme, then search the Stacks area.

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Yabdab is a RapidWeaver Developer with 13 addons.


J. Hammeng

3 months ago

very useful template

I have used this template for my website. It is so easy to use and looks excellent. I recommend it!!


3 years ago

Why would you use this theme?

Why would you use this theme when it's quite easy to set up your own site from scratch using Bootstrap? Well, for a start, it's quite a lot of work looking up exactly how all the Bootstrap elements work. This is Bootstrap for RapidWeaver people who want all the power without the effort – isn't that what we all want, really? It also allows you to mix in existing RW stacks. For instance, Bootstrap has built-in form elements but if you want something more sophisticated you can add FormSnap or another stack to give you ReCaptcha, capturing IP addresses, saving to a database, etc.

The offer is very similar to Joe Workman's excellent Foundation theme – the theme is free but you can add functionality with three add-on kits full of stacks. I've built most of a site in a few hours using the free BootSnap3 theme without the add-on stacks and I'm very pleased with the result. That's not to say that I don't intend to buy them – I will as soon as I have any money.