New In Version 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 Added - Now generates the Site Slogan input below the Site Title.

Designed for demanding client sites. Featuring CSS3 Flexible Drop Navigation Drop that was developed 100% from the ground up! Throw any navigation tab count, title length, or monitor size, it will always look perfect. Add snappy CSS3 animations, refined visual style, and three-level deep page support - this nav system is traditionally familiar, yet modernly powerful.

Choose refined light or dark site color styles. Go beyond the responsive layout for mobile devices by setting optional min and max width limits if a more controlled experience is needed. Includes our 50 Built-in Social Icon set that can be placed in the banner, footer, or both positions. When building your Boreal site, instantly preview each page on a simulated iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire at anytime with our built-in Simulator 2.0. If you create client sites, this is THE one.

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Nick Cates Design

Nick Cates Design is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 31 addons.



3 years ago

The original EPIC theme

When I was looking around for an easy to use web building app I found this theme available for Rapidweaver. No other app had anything like it and I bought Rapidweaver because of it.

Boreal is a masterwork. Possibly the finest theme you can buy for RW - if you have a site planned which maps into Boreal's aesthetic then really its the one to go for. Its hard to make Boreal look bad. I think a lot of time and love went into it and view it as one of the Rapidweaver crown jewels.