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A theme for businesses, corporates and those formal occasions.

Clean, smart and responsive, Corporation has a simplistic and refined design perfect for company sites, weddings and events. With a navigation stretching 3 levels deep, there's plenty of space to build out a detailed RapidWeaver site to outline your business.

Smart and versatile style

Sophisticated, smart and ready for business. Corporation gives you a stylish and formal look to your RapidWeaver project design. Perfect for corporate business sites, brochure sites and other formal occasions such as events or even weddings. Suit you Sir.

Deep deep down

The navigation menu goes 3 levels deep. Drop in page after page across the 3 levels and flesh out any corporation in style. The drop down menu fades in and out on mouse hover and can be customised in the colour settings with ease. It also folds up nicely on mobiles so even the longest and most detailed of sites can be viewed in your hand. Corporation works brilliantly across different viewports.

Easy peasy to customise and no snippets

Two extra content areas give you enough space for cool customisations and colour play. Change carefully selected Google Fonts, add your logo to the nav bar, change the nav colours and weave away. Customise on the fly and get the look you need without worrying about any snippets. Just add content, Stacks and water.

Light as a feather cap’ain

Corporation loads fast and leaves plenty of room for your content and Stacks. No images were used in the making of this theme, so it’s as light as possible. The standard blog, photo album, contact form, file sharing page styles are all included as usual too for those brochure sites. Enjoy weaving!

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