New In Version 1.5.1

  • Localizes all libraries. Libraries such as jQuery, FontAwesome, etc are all contained within the theme instead of being loaded from an outside CDN.
  • Localizes all fonts. Any fonts that were previously being loaded via Google Fonts are now contained within the theme internally instead.
  • Adds in RapidWeaver in-app updater components.
  • Fixes bug where user would receive an "Exception While Exporting" error when exporting or publishing site.

If you build it …

The Create theme is a visually stunning RapidWeaver theme that is flexible and robust.

Includes brilliant slideshow headers, as well as professional static headers, a gorgeous drop down navigation and 4 ExtraContent areas.

With the Create theme we’re bringing you something entirely new to RapidWeaver. Blog Entry Thumbnails. This is something that is seen quite often on WordPress built sites, so we wanted to bring that goodness to RapidWeaver.

Addon Details

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Elixir is a RapidWeaver Developer with 43 addons.