New In Version 1.5.1

  • Localizes all libraries. Libraries such as jQuery, FontAwesome, etc are all contained within the theme instead of being loaded from an outside CDN.
  • Localizes all fonts. Any fonts that were previously being loaded via Google Fonts are now contained within the theme internally instead.
  • Adds in RapidWeaver in-app updater components.
  • Fixes bug where user would receive an "Exception While Exporting" error when exporting or publishing site.

Crisp is a versatile, customizable RapidWeaver theme featuring exquisite styling and design. It introduces a new feature for Elixir themes which is the Blog Entry Topper feature as well.

The Crisp theme helps you to build a beautiful, custom website. It features a large number of stock banners, along with several banner slideshow options, including the ability to use the RapidWeaver 5 resources for a custom slideshow.

Crisp also includes three different ExtraContent areas to help you break out of the normal RapidWeaver mold.

It also features an awesome, yet simple, drop down navigation menu that will let your visitors easily maneuver their way around your site.

Addon Details

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