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A full-page, touch-friendly and responsive RapidWeaver theme.

Animated, full-screen and interactive for users. Deck uses Extra Content to build your site into slides and not pages for a beautiful one-page app like experience. Time to stand out.

Built for Stacks

Deck is not like all the other RapidWeaver themes. It relies on Stacks and Extra Content and comes in 4 varieties: 1 deck, 3 decks, 5 decks and 7 decks. Bring your Stacks to the party and drop them into your decks. Each deck is easily built with Extra Content automatically and the animation ready to go. Slide it.

Responsive Full Page Design

Deck is a full page and responsive theme. Each deck matches the full width of the browser or mobile and tablet device. Make the most of each display and have a unique web app feel for your site. It’s fluid to navigate and is crisp and sharp on those HiDPI screens.

Ready to Touch

Viewing Deck on your touch enabled smartphone is no problem. Instead of buttons, the navigation becomes touch-friendly so users can slide between decks with their digits. Each deck is just a touch away.

Easy to Edit it Yourself

Change colours of the font, background, buttons, icons and everything else. Truly effortless customisation without touching a single line of code or snippet. Deck is a little nimble theme and can be quickly adjusted to fit your brand and image with none of the bloat you don’t need.

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 79 addons.



3 years ago

more like an iPhone app than a webpage...

Hands down, Yuzoolthemes makes the most unique and visually stunning themes. This one takes the cake. Its perfectly formatted for my 32" desktop, my 15" laptop, 7" iPad mini, and 4" iPhone 5, and as I said, thumbing the page on my iPhone makes it feel like a stand alone app. And it makes a great format for converting my professional slide shows to web pages.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

That's very kind of you to say drhalftone, thank you very much :) Converting your pro slide shows into web pages is a great use case of Deck, great originality!