New In Version 1.3.0

  • Full SSL https:// compatibility
  • Ready for a big coming update

Amazing, power packed and mobile focused, Departure is 4-themes-in-1.

It's an HTML5 Local Storage powered real web app, a web app UI, a landing page design and a portfolio site. Responsive and full of cool UI elements, Departure is based on a real life working web app and can help take your project to the next level.

Based on the popular RapidWeaver checklist app

(this is included for free by the way with this) Departure is HTML5 local storage powered to help you get your web app ideas off the ground. You can start an app to create saveable lists for people before an event, setup lists for groups that travel, or make a to-do list app. Get scribbling and take your first steps towards an online application.

Designed full of cool and modern UI elements for web app UI mockups or projects.

Pop-up notifications, login, search, progress bars, Message UI for a web app and a touchy swipe-friendly pop up image gallery. Perfect for a modern cutting-edge UI project design.

Landing page goodies for those marketing sites.

Sliding hero shots for your web app or web design promotion based on a MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad retina and iPad mini. Just drag in images to the resources and you’re rolling. CSS loading animations to beautifully bring in the content slowly and rotating testimonials to add trust to your work. Feeling that.

Built for mobile.

Fully responsive from mobile up to iMac 27″. Full screen option for desktop (or just the iPad) so it feels like a native app. iPhone / iPad web app full screen mode, touch gallery, icon menu and the modern UI elements mean you can look good on a zillion iDevices.


Lightweight code, minimal use of imagery, icon font, CSS3 elements everywhere possible keep everything lightning and razor sharp. The Retina optimised graphics keep things from being blocky-free on HiDPI displays and slick on MacBook Pro Retinas. Jagged edges are so passé.

Customise Away.

Change colours of the font, background, buttons, icons and choose from 10 blurred backgrounds and other delights. The usual RapidWeaver pages are also looking sweet: gallery, sitemap, contact page, blog. Combine that with a selection of carefully chosen Google Web fonts and you’re cooking on gas.

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