New In Version 1.0.2

  • Fixes conflict with RapidWeaver 7 where images were not loading properly in project preview mode

Dexterity is a powerful & versatile theme solution for your next project. Allow the theme to bring you a unique experience that is easy to use with the ability to quickly execute several advanced and modern features. Built for beginners and advanced users alike, utilize built-in style options to lend you tremendous control over your website including several color pickers and up to 19 different font family selections.

Dexterity is packed with features including a responsive built-in slideshow along with a horizontal, vertical, and fade effect. Take full advantage of a sticky navigation menu, edge to edge banner area, and eye catching design elements throughout. Built-in social icons, Font Awesome, and a user-friendly scroll-to content button make it even easier to connect with your guests.

Get started with Dexterity’s included RapidWeaver 6 Sample Snippet Project so you can follow along with the tutorials while using a project with some of the theme’s features already implemented. This great value will give you the ability to compare inputted snippets in your website and allow you to quickly copy and paste for future projects.