Unusual layout

Dromeas has a multi-scroll, multi-content layout not available in any other theme...probably not even in any other platform.

Build for Stacks

Entirely re-designed from the grounds up, the new version of Dromeas takes advantage of Stacks (required but not included in the package) to display it's content blocks, extra containers and scrolling capabilities.

Elements included

Dromeas even comes bundled with Stacks elements:

  • Block for building the content blocks
  • Extra Container enhanced interface for the 3 extra content areas
  • Responsive Columns with break point and gutter options
  • iFrame for responsive embed videos and maps
  • Exchange display content based on window width
  • Settings to conveniently update all Dromeas stacks

Powered by Foundation

Dromeas is based on the Zurb Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework ever built, super fast and packed with features. We may use all of the Foundation snippets in Dromeas for free plus an example project is also included in the package.

Addon Details

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Weavers Kingdom

Weavers Kingdom is a RapidWeaver Developer with 51 addons.