New In Version 3.0.0

Changes in this free update include:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.1.1
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 5.0.13
  • jQuery is now called locally, from within the theme
  • New web safe and embedded font face options for headings and body content
  • All theme Javascript is now wrapped inside our ’$ThemeFlood()’ closure, for improved reliability with other scripting in the page
  • Moved all Javascript to the end of the page, to promote faster page loading
  • Added a custom.js file for custom Javascript users may want to include
  • Changed all (Default) uppercase instances in the settings to lowercase (default)
  • Container clearers now use classes instead of inline CSS
  • Tided, optimised and re-indented the markup in the index.html file

Elite is now GDPR compliant. All Font Awesome icons, jQuery Javascript and embedded font faces are stored within the theme contents; with no links or calls to external locations. The fonts listed all support Latin extended characters.

This update is provided as a free update for all existing users. You can get the update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Waterfall or download this latest version from your Paddle account.

The ELITE theme is a fast-loading theme with a beautiful drop down menu with sublevels. Down- and right arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website.

The responsive layout adapts automatically to the viewing device's width (desktop, tablet, smartphone) without the need for a separate layout or content.

Built-in are 7 different header images. But you can use your own images too of course! Or a slideshow with a slideshow stack or with the Weaverpix plugin.

The ELITE Rapidweaver theme has a huge amount of theme variations, widths, color options, sidebar positions, beautiful fonts, font-sizes, etc.

Download a free trial version of the Elite theme.

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.


paul Gueu

5 months ago

Elite, and others thèmes… From Paris

Will, Hello (from Paris) I'm really happy that you are taking over Henk's themes. Thanks to this work, I built a lot of sites, some of them with Elite:

  • For my personal website :
  • For a Parisian boutique of Italian clothing :
  • For a comedian : It's a theme that I do not get tired of, that works beautifully, without any problem even with many pages ...

I also work on other themes

  • XXL-r Right :
  • Stripped :
  • Podium : These themes have always satisfied me. They work just as well on laptops, as on computers and tablets, with recent or old browsers. All to please!

I am very pleased that you continue to update these themes, and I hope to work with you for many more years. Paul Gueu

Will, Bonjour (de Paris) Je suis vraiment heureux que vous repreniez les thèmes de Henk. Grâce à ce travail, j’ai construit de très nombreux sites dont certains avec Elite :

  • Pour mon site personnel :
  • Pour une boutique parisienne de vêtements italiens :
  • Pour un comédien : C’est un thème dont je ne me lasse pas, qui fonctionne admirablement, sans aucun problème même avec de très nombreuses pages…

Je travaille aussi sur d’autres thèmes

  • XXL-r Right :
  • Stripped :
  • Podium : Ces thèmes m’ont toujours satisfaits. Ils fonctionnent aussi bien sur portables, que sur ordinateurs et tablettes, avec de récents ou anciens navigateurs. Tout pour plaire !

Je suis très heureux que vous continuiez à mettre à jour ces thèmes, et j’espère travailler avec vous pendant encore de nombreuses années. Paul Gueu


2 years ago

Elite, the elegant theme.

Although I'm not very experienced in making websites, it's working very well. The beautiful design and all kind of theme options are available, to make your own unique website with HV Elite. Thanks for the quick support Henk!


2 years ago

Love Henk's design unique and stands out

Love all of his themes design ..I am using his design for years very excited when he is offers something new , easy to use and his quick response when supports needed ! the best part he is demo showcase some of 3rd parties stacks ! good Job as always . Thank You :)


2 years ago

Brilliant..... I have been searching for a theme like this for months

Elite will give me the opportunity to please my e-commerce clients by being able to create a simple, elegant, top class website, with a top menu and central title that will act as a framework to display their products. Thank you Henk. As always another easy to use theme.


2 years ago

Clean, simple to use and lost off possibilities to do your own modifications. The theme is very stable and the learning curve is pretty short.

I love the Elite theme because all themes made by Henk Vrieselaar are packed with so many theme options and if you are not so goog in editing css yourself this theme will do the most of it for you using the many theme options.