Exposition is a next-level fully responsive premium theme developed to help make your site pop. From 27 inch monitors to your mobile phone and everything in-between, allow Exposition to automatically respond to and enhance your guests online user experience at various browser widths. Take advantage of a fully responsive, easy-to-use built-in slideshow without the use of any third party plugins. No further plugins are necessary as Exposition makes the slideshow creation process that much easier within the template itself. Drop-down menus are activated on click to ensure compatibility on mobile touch devices including, but not limited to your iPad and iPhone. Enjoy the experience.



3 years ago

Very user-friendly

I bought this theme back in 2012 and have been using it since. Unlike others I've tried, it's a very user-friendly theme. Very clean good looking way to create a professional page. Brandon’s prompt and helpful assistance whenever that has been needed.

Cons (only one): for a $30 theme, never had updates.