New In Version 1.5.1

  • Localizes all libraries. Libraries such as jQuery, FontAwesome, etc are all contained within the theme instead of being loaded from an outside CDN.
  • Localizes all fonts. Any fonts that were previously being loaded via Google Fonts are now contained within the theme internally instead.
  • Adds in RapidWeaver in-app updater components.
  • Fixes bug where user would receive an "Exception While Exporting" error when exporting or publishing site.


The Feather theme is a lightweight, responsive RapidWeaver theme with style. It’s great for developing everything from blogs and personal sites to small business sites and more!


The Feather theme allows you to build a site that looks great on both your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices, without needing to build two separate sites!


This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This theme includes several different ExtraContent areas, our Blog Entry Topper feature and is teeming with over 40 different color pickers, a variety of banner area options, and much more!

Addon Details

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Elixir is a RapidWeaver Developer with 43 addons.



3 years ago

Beautifully easy to use theme

After trying many other "flashy" themes I personally have found Elixir Graphics themes to always hit the mark for me personally. Outstanding company with an obvious attention to detail.

The Feather theme is responsive and works perfectly on all devices/computers I've tested it on unlike other "responsive" themes I've purchased in the past.

Feather also is easy to use and manipulate within Rapidweaver. When designing my sites I don't like unneeded complexities and weird "workarounds". I like simplicity and expected results. Elixir Graphics and their Feather theme delivered that for me personally.