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The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world now available for RapidWeaver. Free yourself from the constraints of themes and use Foundation to build the website that you have always dreamed of.

Foundation for RapidWeaver uses the power of Stacks to allow you to build your own theme. Once you use Foundation, you will never want to design a website any other way.

There are over 75 stacks a part of the Foundation Stack set. Head over the to Foundation product page for all your purchasing options.

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



2 days ago

I earn a nice living using Foundation!

Prior to working with RapidWeaver, I used Dreamweaver. Although I built some very nice sites in Dw, the learning curve was/is so steep that I knew I was a) missing out on features, and; b) spending way too much time trying to figure out how to get things to work. Then, I stumbled across RapidWeaver, and never looked back. Having been an early adapter to the "blank" theme style for RapidWeaver, I also bought in early to Foundation (it was the 2nd 'blank' theme I used). I ran into some issues of not being able to get the previous blank slate to work just as I wanted; thankfully Foundation solved those issues for me. Joe's entire group of stacks, along with the brilliant BWD stacks, has allowed me to create stunning websites that are well designed, easy to use, optimized for mobile devices, and perform great in Google & Bing searches (the best websites are worthless if they can't be found by search engines). Is Foundation for you? I would say absolutely, so long as you can envision what your site should look like. Using Foundation, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I make a very nice living using the combination of RapidWeaver and Foundation.


2 days ago

Best theme out there. Period

Since the instant purchase of Foundation (couldn't help myself...) I'm so happy with Foundation. I can really build what I want. Imagine it and you could design it. And the great thing is that there actually all other stacks are compatible. I own a lot of Joe's stack but when I have to choose Foundation definitely goes for the first place. Or second...? Hmmm, also really really like TotalCMS. Together with Foundation this is THE killer combination. Joe you ROCK! Thanks for creating all of the great stuff!


4 months ago

It is my foundation

Without fail, every time I create a new website I start with the Stacks Plugin, the Foundation Theme, and all those lovely Foundation Stacks. From there on I might use stacks from just about anywhere but I know I'm building on a firm Foundation!

Larry Ford

1 year ago

Site Styles

I don't know whether I like Foundation or not. It didn't download with Site Styles and several other things when I bought the bundle, and I've been asking for this to be corrected for almost a week.

Developer reply from joeworkman

1 year ago

Sorry that you have been having installation problems. Robb has been working with you since your initial email on Thursday (today is Monday). It has not been almost a week. Its been 2 business days. We try to help when we can on the weekends but do not guarantee it. Please continue working with us over official support channels. I know Robb has replied to you a few time already today. I am sure you will be good to go soon. Happy Weaving!


1 year ago

BEST return on investment!

I've been using Rapid Weaver since V1 BETA and can honestly say that Foundation has provided an incredible return on investment already: -Easy to learn (for an intermediate user like myself)

  • I was able to convert 95% of our 30 page website over a weekend
  • Within a couple of days of migrating, we noticed a sharp improvement in ranking
  • Loading speed is blazing fast

I can't even remember a (not too distant time) before using Foundation

Thank you Joe for a great product!


2 years ago

Freedom in design and functionality

I have been building websites since RW4, and I love Foundation. Every now and then I dip into a ready made theme, but always end up coming back to Foundation to be free of the restrictions of ready made themes. If you want your website to do what you want, in the way that you want it, then Foundation is for you. If you want to build your design around your content, rather than try and get the content to fit around the design, then Foundation is for you! Thoroughly recommended!


2 years ago

Freedom from themes

As a senior professional designer with over 12 years of RW experience I soon found that pre-defined themes were too restricting - as excellent as most of them are. I was devoting too much time to hand-coding or altering theme CSS to get the look and layout that I wanted.

With Foundation, you have a classic clean page responsive environment to produce your own design aspirations without restriction. Coupled with Stacks, Foundation is a powerful tool in the designer's workshop... the only limit is your imagination.

Learning curve? Well, if you truly relish producing your own website designs this will not be an issue - there's plenty of video quick-start help and a vibrant Foundation community.

Stability? Personally never had a problem and Joe Workman regularly provides free updates to both fix issues and add enhancements. Those of you that have bought either themes or stacks and then heard nothing from their developers for years (if ever) will be pleased to hear that once purchased, Foundation will not take your money and hide. The support and speed of response is outstanding.


2 years ago

Great Stuff

It is a wonderful framework, some minor stability issues but is opens up so many possibilities. As it promises, you have endless flexibility. Takes some time to learn everything you can do, specially since I purchased ALL the stacks. I guess I am pretty confident using it after just 4 days.

I am no pro, and design web sites on my spare time. I have a minor issue that I also purchased Fort Awesome and right now can't use it, but if you are going to use Font Awesome it works like a champ.

I was so hooked on seyDesign themes that was worried Merrified left. But this stuff is truly great!!

I am also certain I will like the whole concept much more as I continue using it...

Developer reply from joeworkman

2 years ago

We are not aware of any stability issues. Shoot in an email to support and we will gladly help you through any issues that you may be having.

Jonathan Spencer

2 years ago

THE 'Must Have' addon for Rapidweaver.

Yes, you can make some stunning looking sites using Rapidweaver and the odd theme, BUT... If you really want to explore web design and break free of most of the constrictions that themes put onto your designs then you need Joe Workman's Foundation theme and all the stacks as well. If you download Andrew Tavenors free stacks for foundation then you can fashion pretty much anything. It's a steep learning curve but very rewarding in the long term. Joe and Andrew are constantly updating their products, adding new features and fixing small bugs and their support is second to none.


2 years ago

A Theme free Theme

Themes are great if you really need nothing more they offer out of the box, but lets face it, this is rare. So when I heard about Foundation from Joe Workman I was both excited and nervous. Excited to the prospect of the freedom to do what I want and nervous at the prospect of having to design all by myself. I took the plunge and was amazed at the level of support available from Joe's google+ community. And since then I feel confident that I would never go back to a restrictive theme... It is so powerful to be able to offer exactly what a client wants. Thanks Joe Workman for all his support and great work.

Steven J.

2 years ago

Where has this been?

I bought this during the Cyber Monday sale and all I can say is WOW, why didn't I buy this soone? This kit raises Rapidweaver to a whole new level. Just about any website design is posible now by using Foundation.


2 years ago

New to RapidWeaver

I've had rapidweaver on my mac for a while now and never really paid any attention to it until I was looking into making a website recently. I went out and got a few stacks and started plugging along but wasn't really liking that I had to use the themes I had. When I stumbled upon Foundation it gave new life to rapidweaver for me. I waited for the cyber Monday deals at Joe's site and spent too much money! All worth it so far. I still consider myself to be a RW rookie, but Foundation really allows me to create what I want the way I want it. Foundation was well worth the cost and made RW fun for me.


2 years ago


I love RapidWeaver and I've been using it for well over seven years. The limitations when it came to freedom of design, though...well, let's just say I followed a girlfriend's advice and just lived with it. But it was so damn frustrating. I simply don't like being restricted by the design dictates of a theme developer. The saving grace...Foundation.

In a nutshell, Foundation affords freedom of design and layout. You start with, quite literally, a blank canvas. Seriously! That's the basic Foundation theme. Nothing. Nada. Zip! A blank canvas/theme means you have the ability to put what you want, where you want it and even WHEN you want it! When you want it? Yes. Foundation is fully responsive and your site(s) can be easily set up to react differently to either mobile, tablet and desktop.

The first thing you should take on board is that Foundation has three separate add-on bundles - Starter Pack ($59.95), Addon Pack 1 ($29.95) and Addon Pack 2 ($29.95). OK, so that's a substantial investment of nearly $120. Making it sweeter, though, is the Foundation Bundle of $99.95. Still too much, you say!? A quick check in the Popular Themes category on Realmac showed me that the first eight themes listed had an average price of approximately $26.87. This average figure was unfortunately skewed down because in that list was the Foundation theme itself, which as a price of $0! (Thanks for totally screwing up the average, Joe Workman!!!!)

Over the years I've probably purchased at least 10 themes. With that average price I'd be up around the $300 mark. For a third of that price (the Foundation Bundle), I now have a solution that enables me to create virtually any style of website and emulate any theme.

So, what does that $100 buy you? Quite frankly, more - much more - than offered in the bundles themselves. In the bundles, though, it's best to take a look at and check out each of the offerings and their stacks. Suffice to say that even with the Starter Pack's 28 stacks, you have more than enough to create fully responsible mobile-first websites that feature: forms, various navigation options, slider, lightbox, tabs and even video playback.

With Addon Pack 1, an additional 17 stacks give you the ability to push your basic forms to include much more sophisticated otpions (fieldsets, number input, sliders, switches, etc.), and add dynamic fetures, such as accordians, dropdowns and my personal favourite, content/stack animations.

Addon Pack 2 gives even more flexibiliy and power, especially when it comes to navigation. For me, when I purchased the Foundation Bundle, I stuck pretty much to the stacks in the Starter Pack and Addon Pack 2. I'm now grateful that I purchased the full bundle. With Magellan (see the website above for more info on that) and other Addon Pack 2 stacks, I'm finally exploring even more new ways to establish total freedom from themes.

It really is quite difficult to get across just how flexible Foundation makes the Rapidweaver experience. If you are considering eliminating the frustration of themes from your life, then I strongly suggest you visit Joe Workman's RapidWeaver Group on Google+ and ask some of the regulars there what they think of it and what they've done with it.


2 years ago

Endless Possibilities

Foundation is easily the most customisable set of stacks to create your website with. Pretty much, what you think design-wise you will be able to do with Foundation. Combine with some of Joes other stacks and the possiblities are limitless.


2 years ago

upgrade issue

I'm using Foundation 1.2.4, can I upgrade it to the latest version with special price ? Thanks.

Developer reply from joeworkman

2 years ago

You can update to the latest 1.x version for free!


3 years ago

Very slick!

Very flexible and with the best responsive features I've seen in any theme.

Raimo Karhunen

3 years ago

Absolutely awesome!

I love the Foundation stack set! There are a lot of great themes for Rapidweaver, but tools like the "Foundation Stack Set" have kept me using Rapidweaver now that my needs have grown past what most Rapidweaver themes can do. The ability to layout almost anything my clients want, and quickly, is what makes Foundation great!

And the little details included are a huge plus. Things like being able to serve up different images for different screen sizes, or having 2 default sets of text (plus customization of individual paragraphs) or the power to tweak things like which heading gets the "h1" tag (something most Rapidweaver themes don't allow easily), or the list goes on!

It is easy to use, but more importantly very powerful as well. And for support Joe and his team have built a Google+ community that has replaced my old daily visits of the Rapidweaver Forums.

I can't recommend this stack set enough!

3 years ago

Why we use Rapidweaver

We needed a tool in our company for fast prototyping websites, first tested the demo of RW and than because of the foundation Add-on finally decided to use Rapidweaver with this foundation extension for our Projects. With this extension you can mainly compose most imaginable layouts in a very short time. We also love the verity of menu options possible in Foundation.

Andrew Tavernor

3 years ago

More than a theme - the best development framework for RW

It powerful, flexible and fast. Foundation is truly a game changer for developing sites in RapidWeaver. Not only is it a superbly implemented suite of stacks and easy to use for beginners, it has the power of Zurb Foundation behind it and is regularly updated with the latest Zurb Updates. For more advanced users, the possibilities are endless with such a powerful framework to leverage. Everything is accessible, nothing is hidden allowing sites to be made how you want them. The support on the g+ community is friendly, helpful and in my opinion second to none.


3 years ago


This kit is fantastic, a complete and strong kit for all your pages, support is alço 5 stars. So far, 100% satisfied... Recommended.

George H

3 years ago

A beast lies under this hood!

Wow. That's all I can say. After figuring out how to use this fully all I can say is wow. For me there was a steep learning curve as it was such a new concept with site creation only being bounded by your imagination. Previously, I had purchased themes and modified them before rolling them out. After watching the tutorials for Foundation by Joe Workman I became more confident and I have not looked back. Page load times are much quicker and responsive web design is built in with this with so many options for different screen sizes.

You won't look back after purchasing this and it will definitely become your top tool or one of your top tools for website design and creation in Rapidweaver. (P.S. - the customer support is up there with the best of the best)

Brandon Corlett

3 years ago

The reason I now get Paid to develop!

Foundation is the only theme I have ever purchased. I used to use the default themes and free themes to make my own websites as a hobby and to rent houses. I never wanted to spend money on a theme because I didn't want to pay for something and then be limited by how I arranged content. The moment I saw what foundation could do I went all in for the bundle pack!

You can do pretty much anything you want with Foundation. I use it on EVERY site that I make. Now that I have so much flexibility I have moved from being a hobby to getting paid $,$$$ for building sites.

Surprisingly this product being AMAZING is not the only reason you should get it. The best thing about Foundation is Joe Workman, Robert Z, and the rest of Joe's team. They provide awesome support if you have questions about anything. They are also majorly active in the Rapid Weaver Google+ group.

Whether you are brand new to Rapid weaver or a pro the best possible things you could do to be set up for success and have the best experience are to join the Rapid Weaver Community on Google+, Buy Foundation, and go all in with Joe Workman's Ultimate Bundle. You will have all you need for right now AND for the future when you're knowledge and skills grow.

Feel Free to message me if you would like to hear more of the reason Joe, Rob, Foundation, and the entire Rapid Weaver Community are *** AMAZING. :)

Developer reply from joeworkman

3 years ago

Wow! Thanks for the glowing review Brandon! I am so happy that I could have been a part of brining you some extra income. That is pretty awesome.

Steve @ Truedesign

3 years ago

The one theme to rule them all...

Fantastic theme and accompanying stacks - it's a blank canvas - create almost any design you want. Don't let the price put you off compared to other themes, you might not buy another theme again!

Joe and his team have been very helpful and friendly while I've been learning to use Rapidweaver, Stacks and his products - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Mark Spaulding

3 years ago

Must Have

This is the one theme, no engine, you need to have to build EXACTLY the look and feel site you have in your soul. A must have.

Phillip F

3 years ago

Fantastic Must Have

I found myself running into a wall with some themes not behaving or looking the way I was trying to make them. That all changed with Foundation. It is a game changer in that it is so customizable. It is a framework that allows for incredible creativity and flexibility. It helps that it works very well with the enormous stack library of Joe Workman (ever expanding I might add).


3 years ago

Excellent, well worth the spend!

Very easy to use to create maximum and beautiful online experience! Also comes with a fantastic and helpful community of it's own ;)

Jon Hawkins

3 years ago

A complete game changer for any Rapidweaver user.

I am not one for writing long gushing reviews on products. Unless they really are worth writing about!

Foundation by Joe Workman combines the most advanced responsive framework (Curb Foundation) with Rapidweaver and Stacks by Yourhead.

The combination is a powerful, robust addition to the Rapidweaver community.

It is the biggest game changer since Stacks it's self and I can not recommend this theme suite highly enough.

You can create anything you want from a blank canvas and make incredible sites in no time at all.

It really is awesome. A must have for any keen rapid weaver user.

5 Stars

Carlos [rootScript]

3 years ago

A good implementation of Zurb Foundation framework

This Foundation theme & stacks is regularly updated, and fairly easy to work with. A pretty Solid support team, and a helpful/friendly user base over at


3 years ago

Totally awesome!

Combined with Rapidweaver, Foundation from Joe Workman gives you the power to deliver awesome fully responsive websites, that can do just about anything, faster than anything I've ever used. In 20 years I've never enjoyed making websites as much as I do now using Rapidweaver and Foundation.

Joe is also one of the few providers that gives you fabulous support for everything you buy, you're not on your own once you've made a purchase.

I use Foundation to create our customer websites and our own websites, and armed with this and Stacks, it's all I need to create any kind of website, and ones which work on all current web browsers, mobile phones and tablets. Everyone is impressed with what we've done with it.

Worth every single penny!

Bryn Owen Design

3 years ago

The best stack for rapidweaver

With this stack you can create everything you want any kind of website.