The FreeStack Responsive Theme and Stacks!

The FreeStack Responsive blank stacks theme is currently used by 1000s of RapidWeaver users on their sites! Originally released back in January 2013 as a follow up to our groundbreaking FreeStack blank stacks theme, FreeStack Responsive is a full featured responsive RapidWeaver® theme with theme variations and theme styles, that also comes with 22 responsive stacks.

Design and Create Thousands of Responsive Site Layouts Using Just One Theme!

Create and build literally any responsive site layout design you can think of with FreeStack Responsive! You start with a blank Stacks page, apply the FreeStack Responsive theme to your page, and set your theme variations. Then add in your FreeStack Responsive stacks and other third party stacks placing your page elements wherever you want them to appear at on your site page layout.

Since you are not locked into a preset framework, you are only limited by your imagination as to what you can create and build with the FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks!

Discover the design power of FreeStack Responsive!

If you're tired of being locked into traditional RapidWeaver theme layouts, move your responsive site design "outside-the-box" with the FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks! You can also use the 100s of third party responsive stacks too on your FreeStack Responsive site pages to add more power options to your site layout!

The FreeStack Responsive theme bundle comes with the following stacks:

  • FreeStack R 2Columns.stack
  • FreeStack R 3Columns.stack
  • FreeStack R Breadcrumb.stack
  • FreeStack R Contact Plus.stack
  • FreeStack R FileShare stack
  • FreeStack R Fixed Height stack
  • FreeStack R Footer.stack
  • FreeStack R iFrame stack
  • FreeStack R Image BG.stack
  • FreeStack R Image.stack
  • FreeStack R Logo stack
  • FreeStack R Max Width.stack
  • FreeStack R NavMenu Res1.stack
  • FreeStack R NavMenu Res2.stack
  • FreeStack R Sidebar.stack
  • FreeStack R Slogan.stack
  • FreeStack R Styler stack
  • FreeStack R Title.stack
  • FreeStack R Transparent.stack
  • FreeStack R Tumblr Limited.stack
  • FreeStack R Twitter Button.stack
  • FreeStack R Twitter Share.stack

Works Great with RapidWeaver® 6 and RapidWeaver® 5!

The FreeStack Responsive theme and its stacks requires RapidWeaver 5.4.1+ and Stacks 2.5+. FreeStack Responsive theme and it stacks are fully compatible with RapidWeaver 6 and 5, and with Stacks 2.5+ and Stacks 3.

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Blueball Design

Blueball Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 1 addons.



2 years ago

My go to blank theme

This is my go to blank theme, when I want full control of the page design. Starting with an empty canvas allows me to realise my ideas, without the constraints of a ready made theme design. The accompanying stacks provide enough to get my designs up and running in no time at all.