New In Version 1.2.1

  1. Added the latest Font Awesome Icons
  2. Solved an issue with the sidebar right.

FULD is a new and responsive theme with a horizontal drowdown menu. The FULD theme takes advantage of the new Banner Image option in RW7! Included are 4 FULD themes: FULD, FULD2, FULD-Flickr and the FULD2-Flickr theme. The Flickr themes pullsimages from Flickr. Both FULD2 themes only show a menu icon on your desktop and mobile.

• Easily drop in your custom site fullscreen background to the new RapidWeaver 7* Inspector Pane (RW7 only). • FULD has also an option built-in for an (animated) Full-size Background (RW6 and RW7). • Font Awesome Icons. • Many fonts to choose from, independently for the Title and Content. • And a huge amount of other options (All Theme Styles) • Download a free trial version of this theme in my store.


inStacks Software

1 year ago

Great theme for images

If you are searching for a great theme with large image backgrounds, take a look. Just drop your background image into the RW banner area, and you are good to go.