New In Version 1.1.2

  • Fixes a bug with the display of the navigation items when using the "Rounded Corners" option for the Navigation Style in the theme variations.
  • Fixes a bug with stock banners for RW 7. Stock banner should now show in RW 7 even when cache busting is enabled. Change still allows stock banners to show as normal in RW 6 as well.


A clean and classy, responsive theme that provides an elegant design for your portfolio, blog, or small business site.

Feature rich

The Geometric theme is built on a modern, responsive foundation that allows you to create flexible, mobile-first sites that look great on both your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices, without needing to build two separate sites!

In addition to its contemporary design, we’ve included several different ExtraContent areas, our Blog Entry Topper feature and a slew of other theme variations!

Through RapidWeaver's innovative Page Inspector we offer you a large variety of theme variations to assist you in customizing the look and feel of your site. We've provided bold, customizable banners, four incredible, customizable ExtraContent areas, fun fade effects for your banner and ExtraContent areas, a responsive lightbox for your photo album pages, and so much more.

Learn more

Be sure to take a look at the live preview site and Geometric's detailed product page for more information!

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3 years ago

Super cool theme

This is one of my favorite RW themes so far. It is crisp and clean and produce great looking sites with a plethora of options.