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Grid Theme

Theme from Archetypon

Version 1.3.5 released 1 year ago


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Archetypon is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 40 addons.

Grid Theme icon

Grid Theme

Theme from Archetypon

Version 1.3.5 released 1 year ago



Grid Theme follows the latest trends in blogging and showcasing with the grid layout. We can also select from 1 to 4 columns of grid in our blog pages, so flexibility in layout is guaranteed.


With the Grid Theme we are introducing Featured and No Header options selectable for each post in the blog, for the first time in a RapidWeaver theme.


Grid Theme is based on Zurb Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework ever built, super fast and packed with features.

What’s new in Version 1.3.5?

Community Reviews

Grid theme is extremely good but no doubt capable of a lot more than i have got out of it.

Written by timmy toad 1 year ago

I am but a novice but i have made, what i believe a dammed good web site with it @ if i can do it, anyone can do it. It is capable of far more than i have got out of it. Thank you Archetypon for making it all possible you are doing a very good job :-)


The convergence of style and content

Written by Monica Palmer 2 years ago

Its elegant and sophisticated finish defines what simplicity is all about. I had to use "Grid" for my blog site, in that I could not find another theme that could communicate my content with style.

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