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Go mobile in RapidWeaver with an iOS inspired theme.

iOS a an edge-to-edge RapidWeaver mobile theme perfect for creating mobile versions or web apps in a native iOS style. Bundled with some stacks, touch optimised and modelled on the clean iOS7 and beautiful predecessor iOS6, iOS theme is the easiest way to go mobile in RapidWeaver today.

Bye bye snippets. Hello Stacks

iOS is bundled with 5 stacks to make your life a lot easier. Pill menus, buttons, lists, link lists and mobile site redirection. No more editing of tricky snippets. Just drop in the included stacks and edit in the Stacks GUI. Ta very muchly.

iOS inspired design

iOS theme is a responsive edge-to-edge theme. Looks beautiful on mobile and tablets. Designed to replicate the minimum style of iOS7 and also includes a gradient iOS6 inspired design too. Sometimes gradients add a little more. Make your mobile site or app stand out in a fresh iOS style in the browser.

Phone Gap or full screen web app mode

Built-in “add to home screen” on your iPhone gives your users a full screen web app mode to enjoy your mobile site, or wrap it in Phone Gap to give you a native app to upload to the App Store. There’s also a redirect stack included to auto detect mobile devices to send people to this mobile version of a site if you are using this alongside a desktop version of a site.

Less to worry about

You can easily add up to 6 main menu items and up to 4 sub menu items per page. That’s a lot of space. Style wise there’s no colour options as it closely models iOS so you can just focus on content creation instead of design. iOS theme focuses people on a great handheld experience. Contains everything you need and none of the bloat you don’t.

Flexible and fast

iOS is light, agile and built to play nice with Stacks. It serves up an HiDPI retina ready experience. No images used in the theme or any extra Javascript – just pure CSS so it’s sleek and fast and ready to rock ‘n’ roll your next project.

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