New In Version 1.5.0

  • Localizes all libraries. Libraries such as jQuery, FontAwesome, etc are all contained within the theme instead of being loaded from an outside CDN.
  • Localizes all fonts. Any fonts that were previously being loaded via Google Fonts are now contained within the theme internally instead.
  • Adds in RapidWeaver in-app updater components.

Create a beautiful, responsive site for your business or blog. The Lunar theme for RapidWeaver 7+ provides you with a great starting point for just about any type of site, whether it be for you or a client.

CUSTOM BANNERS. Lunar supports RapidWeaver's latest Banner features right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you're ready to go.

BLEND IN. Create a nice blended effect between your banner's background image and your site's background to create a smooth, seamless design.

ANIMATION. Add buttery smooth animations to your banner elements, using Lunar's preset animations. We’ve included 3 different animation presets to choose from.

EXTRA CONTENT. We've included 5 different ExtraContent areas in the Lunar theme, including areas in the banner, footer, a visitor toggled drop down and more.

MIX IT UP. Lunar allows you to set separate max-widths for different sections of your page. Set individual widths for the banner content, main content, footer and ExtraContent areas 2, 3 and 4. Lunar also allows you to set separate banner heights for mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints. You can choose between flexible, fixed and full-browser height banners.

LEARN MORE. These are only but a few of the features that can be found in the new Lunar theme for RapidWeaver. Head on over to the product page to see all of the features and theme variations. Also be sure to check out the live preview site to see Lunar in action!

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Boray Designs

1 year ago

Super theme

I have used this theme for my website portfolio. It is so easy to use and looks excellent. I recommend it.