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A mobile-first, responsive edge-to-edge RapidWeaver theme.

Mobo is a full width mobile optimised theme for creating a mobile version or web app of any website. Touch and finger friendly elements built as standard, Mobo is the ideal framework to create a mobile web app or phone-gap wrapped native iPhone application.

Mobile optimised features included

Touch-friendly slider and gallery, pull to refresh, web app full screen mode, click to call, SMS or email, and auto directing if a mobile browser is detected. Mobo is ready for mobile deployment as a native-like mobile website experience or web app.

Smooth animations and fluid UI

A great user experience awaits users of Mobo. It has an animated header bar and pop up social sharing built-in as well as loading graphics for each page and the gallery. This eases the mind of users, especially on slower mobile networks, that your data is coming. It keeps eyeballs on your content.

Built for mobile and Mobile First

Mobo is a Mobile First designed theme. This means it was primarily designed for mobile devices by keeping things minimal, light and tidy but also is fully responsive up to desktop machines. Optimised for an iPad and iPhone experience, Mobo also goes edge-to-edge up to an iMac at full screen. Just tailor your images to be big enough and you’re good to go.

Phone Gap or full screen web app mode

Built-in “add to home screen” on your iPhone gives your users a full screen web app mode to enjoy your mobile site, or wrap it in Phone Gap to give you a native app to upload to the App Store. There’s also a redirect script included to auto detect mobile devices to send people to this mobile version of a site if you are using this alongside a desktop version of a site.

Easy to edit it yourself

Change colours of the mobile optimised Google fonts, select a fixed top bar, switch on or off the social sharing button, add an animated Gmap – you name it. All options are there and well organised for you to drill down. Mobo focuses people on a great handheld experience. Contains everything you need and none of the bloat you don’t.

Flexible and fast

Mobo is light and agile and built to play nice with Stacks. It serves up an HiDPI retina ready experience. No images used in the theme – just CSS so it’s sleek and fast and ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 80 addons.


Twitchin Kitten

1 year ago

This is a really nice theme. Took me some time to research, obtain (thanks guys!) and get moving on this. Easy to work within, crisp and clean lines, fully customizable. Love the look on desktop and mobile devices. This was purchased for the strict use for mobile devices as per the client request. Support is top-notch as well.