A neat and tidy notepad theme for all you writers

Crisp, minimal and succinct, Notez is the perfect theme for writing documentation, creating processes for clients or uploading your journal. Easy to edit, looks great on a iPad and everything you need is included as snippets. It’s a great theme for your next product's release notes, client documentation or user manual.

Contains cool writing tools

Tools like highlight text, code prettify, headers, lists. These elements make it easy to get your meaning across and better support your clients or products.

Sharp and crisp effects built in

This keeps the documentation as interactive and exciting as possible. Trendy backgrounds make for an interesting read. Better than Word.


Reponsive layout means it looks great on desktops, laptops and tablets. Optimized for iPad landscape so your docs can be viewed on the go.

Version Control

Upload your docs once and send out a link to recipients and just maintain this RW project to keep everyone reading the most up to date version. Version control simplified.

Put away your wallet and keep your money

This one’s on me for saying thank you for buying any premium yuzooltheme. No really.

Addon Details

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