New In Version 3.0

Revision 3.0

  • Released January 16, 2017
  • New Options for content width
  • New Option Dim links
  • New Option Navigation dropdown shadow
  • New Loader
  • New Sticky footer
  • New Header and thumbnails container added to idle mode
  • New Support for UIkit framework
  • New Mobile navigation
  • New Photo Album auto process, no need for presets
  • New Splash Screen preset moved to miscellaneous options
  • New File sharing title set to UIkit button
  • New idle mode option
  • New Image Crop option
  • New Image Transition option
  • New Transition Speed option
  • New Galleria Idle now includes site navigation
  • New Copy protection option
  • New Support for RapidWeaver 7 banner
  • New product icon
  • Improved Galleria idle mode
  • Improved Stylesheets unified
  • Improved grid system added to content and sidebar
  • Improved Content borders suppressed
  • Improved theme performance
  • Improved Handheld stylesheet moved to styles
  • Improved Galleria updated to 1.4.7
  • Improved Layout presets suppressed
  • Improved Re-arranged files calls on main HTML file
  • Improved Shadowbox suppressed
  • Improved Console suppressed
  • Improved Font Awesome updated to UIkit version
  • Improved Mobile HR opted for uk-divider
  • Improved EC3 suppressed / changes in EC
  • Fixed Postfix error on Galleria script
  • Fixed colortag removed from stylesheet calls
  • Fixed Credits removed from HTML
  • Fixed content padding / box sizing
  • Fixed Content container width on mobile

For the first time it is possible to develop full-page sliders just using the RapidWeaver Photo Album.

Easy to use

Photographos series of themes provides you with the capability of taking full advantage of the built-in RapidWeaver Photo Album to produce amazing full-browser sliders, getting rid of extra codes and image links that may be discouraging for many users.

Full Browser Slider

The full browser slider in Photographos themes has more than 40 options, impressive but also easy to use in drag & drop fashion.



2 years ago

Great minimalistic theme, I love it!

Good and fast support by Archetypon.