The Placid theme from Kuler Solutions is a minimal, modern, responsive theme. "Responsive" simply means that no matter what device is used to view your site you can rest assured that your site will look good!

Because the Placid theme is built on the rock solid HTML Kickstart framework it comes loaded with features without all the bloat.

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Kuler Solutions

Kuler Solutions is a RapidWeaver Developer with 8 addons.



3 years ago

Lightweight and easy to use

A very easy to use theme which produces slick results. Like themes based on BootStrap and Foundation, Placid (which is based on Kickstart) offers a very stable, quick-loading basis for your pages. You could create a whole site with just a few html stacks and some text snippets (some are supplied and others can be copied and pasted from the Kuler website). Very flexible and a pleasure to use.