New In Version 1.4

  • Full SSL https:// compatibility
  • Ready for a big coming update

An automatic scrolling feast of colour and delight.

Fixed scrolling navigation throughout this fully responsive one page theme. The background automatically rotates through a prism of colour as you scroll. This is certain to catch eyeballs.

Scrolling menu

This tidy one pager has a useful scrolling fixed navigation menu. It’s easy to setup using Extra Content Stacks and separates those long one page sites. And staying fixed at the top of the page makes it clear to use and trendy like all those cool sites that have it these days.

Automatic roulette of colour

As you scroll through the site, the background automatically rolls through a canon of colour. Starting on a different base each time and providing a different background for each Extra Content section, Prism will give you something a little different..

Fully responsive

Slick and responsive on iPhones, iPads, Desktops and all those other iDevices around. Just build your site once and you’re up and away.

Sharp Colours

The colours for the background are bright and bold, the Font Awesome and Google Fonts crisp and defined and there were no images used in the making of this theme. This was built entirely in CSS so expect a lightweight, HiDPI retina-ready experience.

Easy to setup

Just drag in your content using Stacks into the Extra Content sections to pad out your site, set the page title to a particular section, and you’re ready to go go go.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.


Annita Romano

3 years ago

Very happy with it; Prisms is consistent and modern, great work Michael!

I am new to this community, but work with RapidWeaver for years. I have dedicated myself for weeks in updating my new website, and as always, tried several stacks and themes. Yuzool's discovery was one of my best surprises ever since, I really recommend it. Portfolio and Prisms: modern design, highly customizable, and a great support from Michael: kindly attentive, rapid and effective responses. Thank you Michael, beautiful work, wish you success and a great 2015!

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

Thanks Annita for your kinds words and best wishes for 2015 and with your RapidWeaver projects!