New In Version 1.6

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A bright, interactive and responsive RapidWeaver theme.

Beautiful animations, expanding gallery and bold colours galore. Quarters splits your site into four decisive chunks and has a modern full-screen app like feel. Something completely different.

Built for Stacks

Quarters is not your usual RapidWeaver theme. It relies on Stacks and Extra Content. Bring your Stacks to the party and drop them into your Quarters canvas. Each quarter is easily built with Extra Content and the animation is all automatic. Roll on.

Responsive Design

Quarters has been designed to scale perfectly and look gorgeous on any size browser, screen, and device. No images were harmed in the making of this theme so it moves like lightning and keeps your site crisp and sharp on those HiDPI screens. Going full screen on a 27″ iMac looks good too. It scales.

Expanding Portfolio

There’s an expanding and interactive portfolio built in for your delight. Give users a quick preview and description before sending them off to your project. Expanding and closing with ease makes exploring your portfolio fun and games. And if you make mobile responsive sites or apps, there’s an iPhone display to show off with too.

Easy to Edit

Change colours of the font, background, buttons, icons and everything else. Flexible, easily-editable and solid. Can be easily moulded to fit your brand and image quite easily. Smashing.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.



3 years ago

Definitely the most innovative RW theme!

Incredibly intelligent, very aesthetically pleasing, totally avant garde!

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

Thanks @Savvas for the kind review - really appreciate that and glad you are happy with it and making cool projects with Quarters


3 years ago

another example of why Yuzool themes are on a completely different level...

This theme, above all others, completely changed the way I look at CSS. Its an incredible re-imagining of how readers interacts with my online content. And its simplicity forced me to simplify my web site and the message I wanted to send.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

That's very kind of you drhalftone - I like "simple is best" although it's difficult to achieve. If this helped you achieve it then I'm very happy to hear that and means it was all worth it :)


3 years ago

A great theme for bars and restaurants

Fantastic design that is easy to use and has awesome css. Renders amazing on all devices and desktop browsers as well.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

This is nice to hear Alucard, thank you :) Looking forward to seeing your projects made with Quarters