Get the feel of a $10,000 website - in an easy to use RapidWeaver theme, that's Royale. In a sea of dull websites and rising visitor expectations, offer a captivating site experience. Whether your looking to sell, showcase, or land new website clients...

Get Royale for RapidWeaver 7

Hail The Royale Banner

The Royale banner is perhaps the most flexible banner of any RapidWeaver theme! Supports drag and drop images, loading and parallax animations, HTML5 or embedded video, Velvet stack video, a slideshow, site progress bar loading, even or offset positioning, or... to be just plain hidden.

Royale Split Stack - Get Out!

If you have Stacks 3 and Royale, you'll obtain Avenger web building status with the free Royale Split stack. Create seamless "edge to edge" sections anywhere within the content layout. Adjust content alignment, inherit theme padding, and select text and background gradient colors!

Priority Slide Navigation

The Royale site navigation, is an elegant slide out panel. Typically, the downside of slide out navigation, is new visitors missing obvious links to the rest of your site pages. With Royale, we innovated, you can assign priority to a site page to be featured in the top center of your site for desktop visitors!

Manual, Project File, & Support

While Royale's features are easy to work with, we offer videos and written step tutorials to help build your Royale site. We also offer a downloadable project file. Should you ever run into trouble - no worries! We're here to help.

Addon Details

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Nick Cates Design

Nick Cates Design is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 28 addons.