We've created a theme for those looking to create a modern looking site for the modern age. The whole concept behind the Space Age theme was to create something that is easy to customize and setup, while still looking incredibly sleek and stunning at the same time. It's the best of both worlds.



2 months ago

Simplicity with a twist

Space Age looks and works very nicely almost entirely straight out of box. In essence it's simple and clean, however not without a twist. The built-in space banner with different colour schemes creates ambiance for the site, and the hover effect on blog posts (inverse colors) is a pretty cool accessibility feature you don't see everywhere.

Boray Designs

9 months ago

Modern website design and a lot under the hood.

This design caught my eye immediately. The website template is so easy to use and has many options for headers, sliders, photo integration and google fonts. If ever you require support, 1LD in my experience are excellent - 10/10.