New In Version 1.3.0

Update: I've added a new Info.plist so the upcoming RapidWeaver 7 can identify this theme as responsive. I've also added the latest Font Awesome icons

Clean web design has remained consistent and beautiful. The responsive Stripped theme is stripped down to the fundamentals required to convey the message. Clean layouts don’t need to be plain and boring.

Although the theme looks very simple at first glance, you can give your site your own look with the huge number of built-in theme variations and a lot of extras.

The theme has a drop down menu with one sublevel. Download the free trial version to have a play with it yourself!

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 92 addons.


Ton Breukers

3 years ago

Now have a look to my website.

a big one but i think a great one, have a look tot