New In Version 1.4.0

Issue with some fonts and IE10 solved.

The responsive TABS theme is different from the usual RW themes. Actually it is a 'one-page website'.

By default there isn't a menu. Design your own responsive menu with the supplied Tabs stack (you need the Stacks2 plugin for this), there are different looks in the Theme Styles. It 's really dead simple and everything is in the download file.

Why this menu? Your slide show (built-in with the free Tabs stack) isn't interrupted when you click on a menu-item. And loading is very fast.

When you prefer a 'normal menu which uses Rapidweavers Menus System, click on the button 'Built-In Menu'. Now a menu-button shows up with a one-level menu.

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.