New In Version 1.16 (UIkit Stacks)

  • Released June 15, 2017
  • New Customizer > Overview option
  • New Button Default option
  • New Navbar Builder > Default button
  • New Button Group > Default button
  • New Offcanvas animation options on navbar
  • New Navbar Toggle group
  • New Column > custom class option
  • New Button alignment mode
  • New Subnav > font family option
  • New Subnav > line height option
  • New dynamic-grid class added to Dynamic Grid
  • New Overlay > background color option
  • New Slider > Gutter Large option
  • Improved Button Mode > Smooth Scroll > Offset set to number instead of input
  • Improved button >. removed blank spaces
  • Improved header in edit mode
  • Improved text in edit mode
  • Improved button in edit mode
  • Improved grid-1 in edit mode
  • Improved search component width
  • Improved cover edit mode
  • Improved lightbox edit mode
  • Improved Slider in edit mode = thumbs reduced to 30%
  • Improved Button group > Button size suppressed
  • Improved button group edit mode
  • Improved Modal edit mode
  • Improved Progress edit mode
  • Fixed support link
  • Fixed Cover > description
  • Fixed Button Link default background color

The new revolutionary framework now available for RapidWeaver and Stacks.

With UIkit you can built modern, lightweight and fast loading websites. Many examples are included in the package so to help you start your own project.

UIkit for RapidWeaver is developed for Stacks, the amazing plugin with the simple drag & drop made-in-heaven interface, you will love it.

You may purchase the Starter Kit with all the essentials or the Bundle with the parallax, slideshow and many other stacks to animate your pages.

Use the free UIkit Theme for RapidWeaver 6 and above to develop pages in no-time, or purchase a custom theme made for UIkit so to take advantage of other plugins like the Blog, Contact Form etc.

New Search included in the Navbar component

Addon Details

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Weavers Kingdom

Weavers Kingdom is a RapidWeaver Developer with 48 addons.


Nic Miller

1 year ago

Complex customization, simple execution.

Probably the best and most advanced framework I've worked with in RapidWeaver. Bootstrap is great and Foundation is awesome as well, but this developer has done an incredible job of making the theme and stacks highly customizable, allowing for complex layouts to be simply executed. The add-on stacks are of great value and the dev does a great job of consistently updated and adding functionality. UIkit is now my default framework for new sites and has paired well with Total CMS from Joe Workman.

Jonathan Spencer

1 year ago

Easy to use, the best Menu builder out there and improving on a weekly basis

I have used most of the framework based stacks such as Foundation and Pure, they all have their strengths and weaknesses but can look rather similar. UIKit stands out as having a fantastic menu stack that can handle simple sites but can be used to build media rich menus that are really difficult (impossible) in the other frameworks. The developer is adding new features regularly so is putting a lot of effort into this product. His premium templates are fantastic and well worth the cost as they save you hours of work.

Developer reply from Lucas

1 year ago

Thanks Jonathan, greatly appreciated. Glad that you're enjoying it, more features and the new add-on kit are on the way!