New In Version 1.4.2

Update: I've added a new Info.plist so the upcoming RapidWeaver 7 can identify this theme as responsive. I've also added the latest Font Awesome icons

There are 2 themes in the download file: XXL-r Right (menu right) and XXL-r Left (menu left). The XXL-r Right and XXL-r Left Rapidweaver themes are responsive. The layout of the XXL-r themes automatically adjust to fit all display resolution and devices.

Make for example with the demo your browser narrower, or have a look at it on your iPhone/iPad/mobile device. Completely different from other themes, dynamic and with a very modern and artistic look and a big sliding menu.

You can even add a stylish fast loading full page dynamic background image to your webpage which expands to fit your browser window!

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.



1 year ago

Expansive and functional

With 7 extra content areas this theme is very stretchy! Clean, stylish and modern. Great for showing big background images but works well with patterned images too. Style settings are plentiful and logical, and there is a very good manual included that will help you make further, advanced customisations.