New In Version 1.4.2

Issue with distortion of the images in the background slideshow on a mobile device is solved.

Most web pages we perceive in automatic zombie mode: visually, they all follow expected and habitual patterns. In other words: In the visual perceptual structure they all look alike. XXL2r takes us out of the automatic perceptual patterns. We actually have to look at the page with "new eyes", because our "automatic mode" is interrupted. It definitely feels different.

The XXL2-r responsive RapidWeaver themes have a drop down menu in the sidebar with more sublevels. Down- and right arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website.

Built-in is an option for an (animated) Fullsize Background. You can use the free Slider stacks for this or the snippets in the download file. There’s a Flickr version of the XXL2-r theme in the download file too. It pulls all images from Flickr. Optional are the Slide Controls: Slide Caption, Progress Bar, a Pause|Play button, a Show|Hide Button (so your visitors can hide the content when they want to see your images) and Previous|Next thumbnails. You can choose between different image transitions: fade, slides, carousel. And of course the speed, length between transitions and much more.

Both new themes are built from scratch, have a a lot of options, are fast and more fluid than the previous XXL-r themes.

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.



1 year ago

XXL2-r Super theme! Bravo Henk!

A very flexible and subtle theme yet very powerful. And, as usual with Henk's themes, the manual is excellent and detailed, full of practical examples, so useful when it comes to effectively building your site. Henk's support is superior, he will be on your side until the issue is totally mastered. Thanks again and congratulations.

Dan Wild

1 year ago

Henk does it again!

I was struggling how best to design for a painter and the new XXL-r fills the bill admirably. The question I needed to ask was answered within hours.


1 year ago

Great update for already great XXLr theme.

Nice new updated look with fresh default font etc. and lots of new options. Even if made from scratch, it keeps all old features from previous theme. No hassle changing the theme, but remember to read the manual ;) Support from Henk is superior. 100%.

Alain S

1 year ago


I'm using Henk's XXL for a while now on my personal site. I do have other sites on the run however Henk's XXL is absolute the very best theme I know about. The upgrade version is what I really wanted..... it's build for creative people with a vision. Also Henk is a very nice person and he always answer if there's an issue on building a website with one of his theme's. I say: 10!!

Developer reply from Henk Vrieselaar

1 year ago

Thanks for the nice comments, Alain!


1 year ago

Amazing theme

This theme makes fabulous websites without needing tons of stacks, it all in the box.

Developer reply from Henk Vrieselaar

1 year ago

And so it is. Thanks Tom :-)