Thunder Pack

Thunder is a collection of next level stacks for Foundry that will help you to create gorgeous, unique websites.

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Thunder is a collection of next level stacks for Foundry that will help you to create gorgeous, unique websites.

This collection includes prominent and stylish display sections, animated dividers, video backgrounds, sortable content, vertical tabs and so much more!

VERTICAL TABS. Build beautifully styled, vertically oriented, tabbed sections to organize and tidy up your pages. The tabs even collapse down into buttons at the mobile breakpoint.

CINEMA. Create cinematic video backgrounds for your content, or use them as a page banner. The Cinema stack loops your video in the background to create a beautiful ambiance.

DISPLAY. Develop gorgeous sections of content with their own individual toppers, labels, icons and more. Make your content stand out with Display’s styling and add depth with its stunning soft shadows.

FLIP. Create two-sided stacks, with your content on both sides, that can be flipped over by your visitors. Flip can help to organize content in a stylish, fun way.

PIP NAVIGATION. Add a unique little navigation that is manually curated and customizable. The Pip Navigation stack can even be used as an anchor navigation for traversing long pages of content.

SORT. This customizable sorting stack lets you build filterable, searchable blocks of content for your page, featuring beautiful animations and masonry style layouts.

EVEN MORE! The Thunder addon pack contains 18 different powerful stacks for Foundry, enabling you to create unique, beautiful sites for you an your clients. Check out the Thunder pack product page for more information on the stacks listed above as well as many others like Transition, Mega Modal, Scroll Location, Jelly Button, Video Zoom and more!

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Thunder Pack Info

  • Version 1.1.4

  • Released Jun 09th, 2022

  • Elixir
  • Thunder Pack Support
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Thunder Pack Reviews

Take Foundry Up A Notch


2 years ago

Foundry is a very solid framework and set of stacks that gives you the ability to really build out whatever it is you can think of. First Potion, and now Thunder Pack push that ability even further forward. Why buy themes when you can expand your options with such powerful stacks? A must have for anyone serious with Foundry. And of course, it's backed by Elixir's fantastic support.

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A must have addition

Einfach Gute Seiten

2 years ago

Foundry is the stable framework which I built upon. But the icing of the cake are the powerful and very good looking add-ons, which keep astonishing my clients and improve the design of my websites.

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Great Value!


3 years ago

Thunder Pack is a gorgeous collection of stacks that brings you to a higher level with Foundry. With Potion Pack in addition you have a complete suite that let you make amazing works. Enjoyable every single piece of it, and at so a low price

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Amazing value!


3 years ago

Potion pack being a potent addition to Foundry's stacks, with Thunder pack Elixir Graphics strikes again with a beautiful set of stacks with a no brainer price with amazing value.

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