Timed Content

Display content based on time intervals or by exact date. Includes an optional countdown clock to convey urgency or increase anticipation.

One Little Designer
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A 2-in-1 timed content and countdown stack that handles time sensitive material with ease. Display anything based on date related intervals or by exact date & time. Use an optional countdown clock animation to convey urgency or increase anticipation.

  • Switch between three different states based on a customizable date & time range. You have control over what displays before, during, & after the defined range.
  • Optionally create a timed content loop based on time of day, day of the week, month, or year. All loops have a defined start & end date.
  • Forgo the date all together & optionally introduce a timed delay that can help make sure your visitors take time to read important information.
  • By default, this stack will operate based on the visitor's own time zone. You can however choose a specifc time zone to keep things global.
  • Though it's not required, you can display a slick animated countdown clock. Optionally count down till the start of the range or count down till the end.
  • Define which time elements you want to show. Automatically hide zeroed elements or display by Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, or Second.
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