A sensational lightbox and modal stack. TopBox is easy to configure, looks great and packs-in features unavailable in other lightbox stacks.

Will Woodgate
1 reviews

TopBox has established itself as the ultimate lightbox and modal window addon for RapidWeaver. With TopBox to hand, you can effortlessly create gorgeous popups featuring rich text, static images, audio, video and a multitude of other possible content types. Many more content types are now supported in version 5.

TopBox stacks can be extensively customised to match your existing RapidWeaver theme or corporate branding. As you would expect, everything is optimised for faster page loading and responsive behaviour. You can collectively group multiple TopBox stacks together, to create compelling galleries, featuring automatic previous / next buttons and titles.

Setup of TopBox is simple. Add one 'master' stack to each page (where you configure the base styling and behaviour). Then add one or more TopBox 'trigger' or 'dialogue' stacks for each lightbox or modal you need to construct.

Plenty of style settings exist within the TopBox stack. Choose between using an existing 'skin' for instant styling, or roll your own lightbox style with the 'DIY' option.

Expert RapidWeaver users and seasoned coders will rejoice to see support for powerful jQuery callbacks! These allow you to detect the different opening and closing states of TopBox; and write custom functions to 'fire' when TopBox stacks are opened or closed. Seriously impressive power and flexibility, simply not available in other lightbox stacks.

A big emphasis has been made on making TopBox more accessible, which is often a substantial downfall of many lightbox and modal effects. TopBox places ARIA labels on triggers and lightbox content. It will also 'lock' tab focus when the lightbox opens and return it seamlessly back to the page afterwards when closed again.

TopBox is an essential stack for anybody wishing to create lightbox or modal window effects in RapidWeaver. It works with most themes and design frameworks.

Please download the free demo version today, to try it for yourself.

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TopBox Info

  • Version 5.1.1

  • Released May 27th, 2022

  • Will Woodgate
  • TopBox Support
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TopBox Reviews

The best, most versatile and well written lightbox for RW


1 year ago

I looked at all the Lightbox stacks I could find and most were either way too convoluted and complicated to set up or way too simple in features. And none of them had been updated in years. One was for Stacks 3, another had a broken demo page (wtf). Will Woodgate’s TopBox is more expensive than some of these others but you get what you pay for. A lot of time thinking carefully about functionality, features, usability, not to mention good coding that won’t go funky on different browsers or stop working in a month. Will adheres to all the best practices in web design and is extremely knowledgeable. He also offers a demo version to try before you buy and great customer service.

I used this tip box to allow viewers to click a Facebook image and pop up the Facebook plugin for my business page in a lightbox instead of clogging up the page. I set it up in about 5 or 10 minutes and it works beautifully. Thanks!

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