Total CMS is the ultimate solution for managing your RapidWeaver sites online. It supports editing of all text throughout your page. It contains all of the simplicity and power of Easy CMS text and image management, plus a whole lot more. Total CMS also supports galleries, file downloads, video, password protection, news feeds and blogs will be coming soon. All this with zero setup, zero database, just publish and go! Now with the awesome power to create a blog as well!!

Video overview of the 1.4 update -

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Total CMS Info

  • Version 1.10.6

  • Released Sep 01st, 2021

  • Weaver's Space
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Total CMS Reviews

Problem “stack missing"

Giuseppe Bonfanti

5 months ago

I don't understand what these little triangles on "Stack Missing" are. Are there any tutorials that without many words and schematically show how to do it?

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my final solution for CMS

Raul Gammelone

3 years ago

I'm totallyt happy with it, I used this CMS with a nice theme and my site is now editable online in easy way. reccomended

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4 years ago

When I build a website my mission is always to turn it over to the client and expect that they will be self sufficient in the face of their changing needs. TotalCMS is literally indispensable in achieving that goal. Every new website for several years now has begun the same way, with Joe's Foundation and TotalCMS suites.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Joe's excellent level of support, whom I've always found going the extra yard. I don't have to contact them often but they can be depended on when I do.

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Total CMS - Superb, I wouldn't be without it

Andrew Longfield

5 years ago

Took me a little while to sit down and gets to grips with Total CMS but I am really glad I did - what a great asset for a web designer. Once you understand the parameters (Joe's video tutorials are excellent) you can quickly put together great-looking sites with CMS areas your client will love and easily be able to access and edit. Regular text content, videos, galleries, togglable areas as per Easy CMS plus brilliant Total Blog and other tools which enable you to get creative not just with a standard blog but a variety of other clever variations. There is plenty of inspiration and pretty immediate help available from Joe and users at all levels on The Weaver's Space forum, too. As with all of Joe Workman's products this is a slick, well thought-out and contantly evolving tool and one that no designer should be without. I have tried and ditched other CMS stacks and plug-ins in the past and am delighted to have taken the plunge with Total CMS - there is nothing that even comes close.

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Total CMS - such an easy blog to use and set-up

Pete Northfield

5 years ago

Total CMS is easy to set-up and allows you to design the blog page to look the way you want, the flexibility of being able to design the client interface is an enormous plus as its allows you to design an easy to use, foolproof interface for each client. It is more than a blog as you can set it up to access most of the website and that gives the client full control of the majority of the website, if so desired. The flexibility to access it from mobile devices frees the client from his desktop. Every time I use Total CMS I learn to use its capabilities to a greater extent and I have not found its limit yet. This really is the best blogging tool available on Rapidweaver.

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Total CMS


5 years ago

Rapid weaver was a game changer back in the day. Then Stacks was introduced and the game just got better. Add Total CMS to that mix and you have a home run on every site you build. Total CMS has taken us from making suggestions to clients on who to go to for web design, to landing wed development in house that not only competes with, but blows our competition out of the water. The game isn't just changed, it's Won!!

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Total cms blog


5 years ago

I've tried other platforms like word press and also the rapidweaver built in blog. But I have to say that total cms blog is what I was always looking for without knowing it. It makes everything so much easier. Since I have been busy I've been adding posts on the fly on my phone and it works great.

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More Free Time


6 years ago

I have so much more free time now that my users can update content in a safe and easy way. Now I don't have to do so much tedious work and concentrate on more fun stuff.

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Great CMS and support from Joe Workman!


6 years ago

Total CMS is a great, new CMS, this CMS is super easy to use for your customers! It is quite easy to build in Rapidweaver, especially since Joe Workman has made several video's on how to build a site with these new stacks. There is a handy docs portal as well. And if that is not sufficient, he has a Google+ Community.
I myself had some problems building a site with Total CMS, I really had great support from Joe Workman and his crew!! They really helped me out.

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Awesome! Best CMS I've ever used with Rapidweaver


6 years ago

Allows me to create brilliant edit pages for my customers and really dynamic sites and really easy to use.

The sites using it run ultra fast, no difference in load speeds from static web sites.

Just brilliant, customers are amazed how they can edit their websites so quickly and easily, even from their iPhones.

Easy for you, easy for your customers, just brilliant, such a game changer for web designers without all the hassle you usually get with CMS systems.

Create in Rapidweaver, then just Publish and Go! That easy, no database to setup and you can even see your customer content in edit mode in RW itself.

Nothing like it, has a 30 day free trial so just get it and give it a go!

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A game changer


6 years ago

This is what I've been waiting for - and it can only get better from here. My clients are going to absolutley love this. Easy to implement, a delight to design. Thank you!!!

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