TouchBase creates simple, obfuscated button links for FaceTime, email, Skype, telephone and VoIP on your websites.

Will Woodgate
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One of the easiest ways to add customisable FaceTime, mailto, Skype, telephone or VoIP buttons to your website; thereby allowing site users to contact you without the monotony of forms or ugly widgets. TouchBase uses special URI schemes like 'mailto', 'skype' and 'tel' for creating simple links and buttons to different services. Plus it automatically obfuscates contact details on-the-fly to limit unsolicited correspondence from spambots.

TouchBase was originally created to generate obfuscated email 'mail to' links, that could include a subject heading and other parameters. It has since been expanded by request to support a couple of other useful services; like FaceTime, Skype and telephone.

Of course, you can manually create your own HTML links for your website. But TouchBase is a drag-and-drop solution (zero complicated code required) and presents you with an attractive interface for creating these special links. Plus it provides options to let you optionally convert rather subdued hyperlinks into attractive buttons that match the rest of your website.

TouchBase stacks can either be added in the normal page flow or you can also place them into theme ExtraContent containers and navigation bars. TouchBase can work on a public-facing website and it will also work fine on a passworded / membership website (like one built with SiteLok) or a company intranet site. It has no dependencies on any outside services. PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended.

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TouchBase Info

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Released Apr 08th, 2019

  • Will Woodgate
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