Start making professional websites today with UIkit: over 70 stacks and hundreds of components to make your own theme, free of restrictions.


Start making professional websites today with UIkit for RapidWeaver.

Free-form framework

UIkit is a free-form framework for developing professional animated websites with drag & drop ease.

True modular design

Use all components powers and features, thanks to a true modular design.


Change the look and feel of every element, thanks to the extensive settings of each stack.


UIkit has animations and transitions that make websites look amazingly professional and modern.

Built-in search engine

Use any of the beautiful search layouts with the built-in engine, or a 3rd-party search stack for the search results.

70+ Stacks to built your content

UIkit for RapidWeaver comes with a collection of more than 70 unique stacks and over 100 hidden elements, generating a perfect markup tailored for your needs.

Amazing projects

A growing number of ready-to-use projects are also available, aimed to bring a solid layout base to work upon. A Tests project is also included in the package, with examples and variations for all included stacks and components.

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UIkit Info

  • Version 3.4.3

  • Released Feb 03rd, 2022

  • Archetypon
  • UIkit Support
  • Version History

UIkit Reviews

UIkit 3


1 year ago

imo, the easiest framework to use and build website in Rapidweaver. Flexible in everyway and terrific support from Archetypon.

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We keep turning to UIKIT for our websites

George P

1 year ago

This is our goto frameowrk that we use with our Stacks library. Works really well and the sites end up nice and fast especially if you use the stacks that come with the framework. You need to be comfortable with CSS but its amazing what you can achieve

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UIKit-3 Framework Project turns website publishing up-side down

Monica Palmer

1 year ago

I mistakenly purchased Framework Project for UIkit-3 assuming it to be a theme, only to learn from Lucas that I had to purchase the license to use it.

Well, it was the best mistake I made in my do-it-myself website design feat – of course, having come across RapidWeaver, when it just just RapidWeaver, no 2...and now 8.

What I mean? When you purchase a stack, or plug-in, you:

  1. Learn how to use it (video/manual) and heaven help you if you do not know what the developer is talking about

  2. Start building and, if you experience difficulty, get in touch with the developer and wait – that is if they are still in business or if they do get back to you in days or weeks (in some cases), directing you to more videos and manuals

  3. Publish the site whenever (well, if all goes well)

With UIkit projects you can:

  1. Copy and paste a project

  2. Substitute UIKit projects with your project and publish, then,

  3. Learn how you did it, but only after your website it up and meeting your objectives.

This Project Kit is way underpriced.

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Very powerful framework

Trond Grøntoft

2 years ago

After a couple of months of using this framework, I am very impressed with how much it can do and how well designed it is. The support is great too. I reported a small issue, and it was immediately fixed. UIkit is highly recommended!

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Will be the framework I use.


2 years ago

I'm new to Rapidweaver (a refugee from Freeway) and I like it but I have been frustrated over the need for so many expensive add-on stacks to do relatively simple things. I'm just embarking on the UIkit learning curve but already see that this is what I'll be sticking with. It's functionality and flexibility is superior when you start out due to all the built in power. It encourages exploration and creativity. Glad I found it.

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2 years ago

Dark & moody, Jack Miller will appeal to photographers & creatives. Lucas combines photographs with interesting use of font design, transitions & parallax to keep the viewer engaged. I particularly liked the "Ready for a new project"!

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Uikit does it all


2 years ago

I have now been using Uikit for over two years. The whole Uikit package is beautifully designed. Lucas has even created a page where you can test each of the 70+ stacks to see exactly how each stack behaves. His online tutorials are clear and concise and the support is superb. Once you've got it you will build all of your sites with Uikit

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UI Kit - the answer is YES


2 years ago

Had the privilege of having Lucas, the dev, on a webinar demonstrating this framework . No matter what we asked him if UI Kit could do xxx or xxxx and the answer was always "yes". Im excited to build new sites with this. Thanks Lucas. Great software.

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Flexible and versatile


2 years ago

Ulkit give the user a lot of control on many levels. It encourages both exploration and experimentation, and this is a great help to the user in fine tuning results.

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Extremely good framework


2 years ago

I have been using UIKit for two weeks now. The more I use it, the better it gets. Well worth the investment.

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UIKit 3 is perfect!


2 years ago

With its beautiful readable icons, you feel completely free to create your site. Everything is open without being complex. A must-have framework!

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It's So Good


3 years ago

Not only does UIkit create a more professional looking website, it also eliminates the need for so many extra stacks. I was looking for a Foundation replacement for a while. UIkit is the one. I think it's the most complete framework for RW around.

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I have now done 3 sites with UIKit

Scott Steven

3 years ago

After working with UIKit 2 and now doing a site in UIKit 3 I am really happy with the results and the power of this framework and Support has been fantastic.

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Speed and Flexibility built in with UiKit


3 years ago

UiKit is very fast. And it's flexible, too. For catalog sites I often use Rapidcart Pro which also uses the UiKit. That's great!

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Finally found the framework I always wanted


3 years ago

I'm a very new Stacks user and I was very excited when I discovered how powerful a system it is, especially coming from the likes of Muse and other absolute position applications. Clean responsive sites were a headache to say the least! However as I dived in and bought other popular frameworks I kept hitting walls when I need more control. There was always something that needed a 'work-around'. That is until I bought UIkit. Its an absolute revelation. Super fast and super detailed control. If you know even the most basic CSS (like me) then it is a dream come true. I can't believe its not the most popular framework out there! Support from Lucas is top notch too. Can't recommend it enough!

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Fast, light and complete!


3 years ago

I just love UIkit3, Lucas devoted a lot of time and attention to delivering a very high quality software. Unlike other framework stacks, UIkit3 stacks tries to put you very close to the framework itself and for that reason it is highly modular, as a result you have granular control over almost everything… and it is very, very fast, responsive and flexible. It’s fast not only as a published site, but also the preview in RW. One of the things that you will notice in UIkit3, is the fact that you can, within the stacks, add custom classes and ID’s if you have the expertise and/or desire to do. But please, don’t get me wrong, you need not have any knowledge of HTML or CSS to use UIkit3. I was able to convert a few websites, and only use UIkit3 stacks. So, if you are hesitating, don’t! You will love UIkit3 flexibility and modularity. Give it a chance and you will never look back!

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Can't live without it!


3 years ago

Only got it a few days ago. Started to experiment with it. How did I ever lived without it? It's the tool I always wanted but didn't know it was out there. UIkit3 gives me te power to design a website like I want, without the limitations of a pre-made template. Do you want that freedom? Get UIkit3. It won't disappoint you!

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The best out there.


3 years ago

If you want complete control over what you do, and are not willing to sacrifice preview and edit speed, UIkit is for you.

Yes, there is a learning curve with UIkit: Unlike some of the frameworks it doesn't try to be idiot proof, but idiot proofing a framework just hobbles it. If you can spend a bit of time learning how UIkit works the pay back is very granular control over every aspect, without getting overloaded with hundreds of settings, which only slow Rapidweaver to a painful grind.

The key to UIkit's speed is it's modular use of Stacks to do the main things, then the use of classes to customise and tune everything.

At the moment, UIkit is in a class of it's own when it comes to frameworks on Rapidweaver.

If you take making RW powered websites seriously, you need to at least try UIkit. You will be blown away.

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3 years ago

A stable implementation of a great framework for RapidWeaver. Works well out of the box. Easy to customize based on underlying UIkit functionality and with custom implementations. Fast and very helpful support.

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