A free utilitarian stack that brings many useful web development features into Stacks and RapidWeaver. An essential addon for the toolbox!

Will Woodgate
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UsefulStack can best be described as an extended version of the 1-column stack that is already supplied with Stacks. However it includes an array of ultra-useful things that the original 1-column stack does not have. Making this an almost essential download for the novice or expert weaver!

UsefulStack currently has the following features and functionality:

  • Allows you to apply class selector names to a block of content in a page. Useful if you're seeking to apply custom CSS code to elements in your page or if you need to make parts of your page editable using a CMS (content management system) like Surreal or Cushy.
  • Apply differing amounts of padding and margin around a stack. Plus the ability to specify the units of measurement used and opt to use more fluid, proportional units like percentages (brilliant in responsive page designs).
  • Use a system of conditional logic to hide or show the UsefulStack, depending on whether the screen viewing the page falls-under or exceeds the size you set. For example, multiple columns could be swapped-out and replaced with a more simplified layout on smaller screens.
  • Specify the language of the UsefulStack content, which can be of great assistance to search engines and translation tools.
  • Optionally provide a title for UsefulStack. If provided, this is shown as an informational web browser tooltip, when an end user hovers their mouse cursor over UsefulStack.
  • Set minimum and maximum widths, for UsefulStack.
  • Support for ARIA roles (useful for improving webpage accessibility).
  • Ability to embed content directly into a theme ExtraContent area.
  • Control z-index layering of content.
  • Hide content in UsefulStack, on your published website (useful for part-constructed websites and staging).
  • Set UsefulStacks (and their content) to be hidden from print or PDF output.
  • Apply unique class selector names to list items or sort lists into alphabetical order.
  • Output detailed diagnostic information about a webpage, including details like the PHP configuration.

The chances are that you will never need to use all the functionality offered in UsefulStack. However as you begin to flex your webmaster skills and create ever-more sophisticated webpages with RapidWeaver, you may well encounter tricky situations that only UsefulStack can help you with! UsefulStack has been a "life saver" on many occasions. Always one of the hottest free downloads on the Stacks4Stacks website.

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UsefulStack Info

  • Version 2.0.0

  • Released Oct 05th, 2018

  • Will Woodgate
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