Automatic, hassle free theme updating and backups. Enjoy effortless theme management, Waterfall has been hand-crafted to save time and frustration.

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#Easy, Automatic Theme Updating & Backups for RapidWeaver® 5 & 6

The hassle of manually updating themes is a pain point every RapidWeaver user has run into as some point. Waterfall is your effortless theme management tool, specifically designed to help save you time and prevent the headaches all too often associated with theme updating.

##Already built into your favorite themes The latest versions of all themes from the following developers are Waterfall compatible, 118 themes and counting:

  • ThemeFlood
  • Henk Vrieselaar
  • WeaverThemes
  • Yabdab
  • 1LittleDesigner
  • Archetypon
  • Joe Workman
  • KulerSolutions
  • NimbleHost
  • seyDesign

Other developers are also working on adding Waterfall support to their themes.

##At a glance info Easily see the important details you need, like what the version number is, who the developer is, and whether there's an update available.

##Effortless Updating Gone are the days where you'll need to manually download and apply theme updates. Quickly see if an update is available, and install it with the click of a button!

##Automatic backups Waterfall backs up every theme it installs an update for. Lost customizations and mistakenly deleted theme images are now a thing of the past.

##The "Free Forever" Demo The demo version of Waterfall will provide you with the "At a glance info" functionality free of charge, forever. You'll also get five free theme updates and backups as part of the demo version.

##Stay Tuned! Theme management is a vast topic, and there's a whole bunch more we have planned for future Waterfall updates.

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Waterfall Info

  • Version 1.2.0

  • Released Mar 12th, 2016

  • NimbleHost
  • Waterfall Support
  • Version History

Waterfall Reviews


Raul Del Corte Valiente

7 years ago

To really worthwhile, all developers involved should provide their customers with free purchases of products already purchased earlier (discount code), to benefit from this application. Otherwise is not interesting, because it does not recognize previously purchased applications.

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One of those absolute musts for RapidWeaver

One Little Designer

7 years ago

As a developer this makes my job of distributing updates a joy. My customers are already telling me how happy they are to be able to receive their RapidWeaver theme updates so easily.

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