WDS project 1 (v3)

A single page super flexible project file showing how to create a site with a similar style to your favourite web site - no Foundation stacks required

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This project is all about layouts and how to build them. they can be used a s stand alone pages or copy and paste the modular layouts into your own projects.

A single page style Premium Project with multiple modular configurations laid out in 6 demo pages Includes pre configured additional stacks Options Page showing layouts using the best available stacks Starter Page included for new Foundation users to aide setting up a new site. Additional CMS edit page Options pages - versions with and without EasyCMS which can also be used with TotalCMS - admin page also created in the demo All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a warehouse folder, all modules documented, additional web fonts included and FontPro ready.

7 demo pages at http://webdeersign.com/project1/demos

Introduction video at https://youtu.be/wUhcl1CWh-g

Version 2 has been rewritten to use the latest BWD SectionsPro family of stacks

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WDS project 1 (v3) Info

  • Version 103

  • Released Nov 11th, 2017

  • Webdeersign
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