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Our WebPStack makes it easy to embed standard and retina display resolution WebP images in your websites, with a safety fallback.

Will Woodgate
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WebP images are brilliant. They have a smaller file size compared with JPG, they can do alpha-transparency like PNG, plus GIF-style animations are possible too. WebP is open source, so it's not a proprietary file format some huge evil multinational corporation can take away from you or start charging crazy money to use! And for us expert web designers and photographers, WebP images offer stunningly superb image quality every time.

The only downside with WebP is some browsers (notably Apple Safari, as of June 2019) currently lack support for this exciting new image format. So we created the WebPStack for you. This is the first stack for RapidWeaver to support the WebP image format. WebPStack serves WebP images in newer browsers that support the format. However a built-in mechanism detects and safely fallbacks to a more traditional image format (like JPG) for older browsers lacking WebP support.

Plus WebPStack lets you optimise your image embeds for retina displays, handles responsive scaling, sets proper ALT attributes and gives options for title tooltips and hyperlinks. WebPStack can be used in theme ExtraContent containers and FreeStyle banners too.

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