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The CMS (content management system) for the rest of us! Easy to setup, opensource, lightning fast, low cost to deploy and client friendly.

Will Woodgate
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WebYep CMS was developed way-back in 2002 and can boast as being one of the very-first CMS (content management system) to become available. Users of WebYep have long-loved its ease of setup, robust security, low price and immense flexibility. Clients like WebYep, from the perspective of being able to quickly login and safely make simple content changes to their websites, from any location.

The eagerly awaited WebYep 2.0 has arrived, and it's a stunning update! Not only have large portions of the original codebase been rewritten for PHP 7, but the whole editing interface has also received a major overhaul.

Our WebYep stacks make setup of WebYep CMS in your RapidWeaver websites even easier. The WebYep stacks work with both the free version of WebYep, and the paid commercial version. The main differences with the commercial version of WebYep are that it's 'white label', it includes the Redactor rich text editor and a better file / image gallery manager.

The sophistication and flexibility of WebYep is truly astonishing. It's modular approach of editable 'elements' allow you to mix-and-match different components together and build complex, editable web pages and web apps. Loops let users clone and reorder whole areas of a webpage; whereas the menu element provides the "holy grail" of dynamically generated webpages! It really is a truly remarkable system.

Another big bonus of WebYep is its excellent multilingual support. WebYep is currently translated into German, English, French, Serbian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish. More languages are being added.

Cost is a significant factor when building and deploying a CMS in RapidWeaver. WebYep is a free download, with the option to upgrade to a commercial version with some extra features. The WebYep stacks cost no more than a few cups of coffee. Although you can use WebYep in RapidWeaver without needing the stacks; the stacks certainly make things far quicker and easier! Use the stacks in as many personal or commercial websites as you want.

Getting started

Head over to the WebYep page on GitHub to download the latest free version of WebYep v2. WebYep is an opensource, community project maintained by a small army of passionate volunteers. Take some time to open and read the documentation supplied. Then you can learn about the basics of what WebYep can achieve and how to deploy it. WebYep is easy to install on your web server or in MAMP for testing. No database required!

Our specially-crafted WebYep stacks get installed into the Stacks plugin. Stacks 3.5 or later is required. Start by adding a WebYep Assistant stack and Login stack to a page. Copy the 'init' code (shown in Preview mode) to the desired place in your project. Continue to add further WebYep stacks, to define parts of the page that can be edited.

Upload the webyep-system folder to the root of your website (normally htdocs or public_html) via FTP. Edit the simple config-inc.php file with your user login and password. At this point, everything is setup and ready; once you've published your website from RapidWeaver. Click the padlock icon to login and start adding your site content.

Included stacks

The suite of WebYep stack includes everything you need to make a simple website editable; including short text, long text, rich text, image gallery, markup, loop, menu, file download, embedded image, conditional display, time control, boolean control and toggle accordion. We are continuing to add new WebYep stacks to the current package and seeking to build-in WebYep support to some of our other stacks.

Technical support

There are two levels of support available. For general WebYep questions, you can ask for help on the friendly WebYep community forums. For questions that relate specifically to these stacks, you can start a new discussion on the RapidWeaver forums or open a support case through the Stacks4Stacks website.

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WebYep CMS Info

  • Version 2.2.0

  • Released Mar 28th, 2018

  • Will Woodgate
  • WebYep CMS Support
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WebYep CMS Reviews

For me the best "CMS" for RW


4 years ago

I am working with Webyep since 2006.

First with Dreamweaver, then (from 2010/2011) with the "old" first Webyep-Stack from Tsooj Media and now with the really great new stack from Will Woodgate (and also the new Webyep2.0-version)!

Webyep is so easy to install, very flexible to use and even multilingual! Even my customers love it becaue it also is so easy to use for them.

And the new version from Will Woodgate offers a lot of more flexibility than all versions before (and I think even a lot of other RW-CMS-systems)! :-)

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