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WordPress Embed takes a new approach to add WordPress content to your Rapidweaver Website.

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WordPress Embed takes a new approach to add WordPress content to your Rapidweaver Website.

One of the issues of embedding dynamic content (such as blog, pages, post categories) is that we don't know how many items will be displayed, and therefore the height of the content.

That's where the WordPress Embed comes in!

Just drop the WordPress onto your Stacks page, set the location of your WordPress installation, then enter the slug for the WordPress page, blog category, or single post, and the WordPress Stack does the rest.


The WordPress installation must be placed the same site where the Rapidweaver files are published. Although not required, it's recommended that the WordPress installation be placed in a folder at the root of the website. For example, it could be placed in a folder called 'wp'. In that case if the domain was 'example.com' the wordpress "site" would be: https://example.com/wp

However, the WordPress installation can be placed any folder which is part of the Rapidweaver site. For example, if your website is placed in a sub-folder (not at the root), the Wordpress installation folder can also be a sub-folder of the site. For example, is the base URL of your site is: https://example.com/site, the Wordpress installation folder can be placed at:

the root: https://example.com/wp in a sub-folder of the site: https://example.com/site/wp


Stacks 4 or above, Rapidweaver 8.x, WordPress (installed at same site/domain)

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Wordpress Embed Reviews

Nicely done, and great support


2 months ago

I know how hard it is to embed a WP site into RW, having been around the block a few times with the issue. This one is nicely done, and Ricardo supplied fast, courteous and constructive help when I tried to make things work with a 9 year old theme and this plugin. Good support is at least 50% of a good plugin, and this one shown through.

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With Wordpress Embed you have the most powerful CMS


2 months ago

I am experimenting with ways to make editors for a new site I am doing able to create and edit articles. One of the most promising solutions is actually WordPress Embed because it makes you able to use WordPress as the CMS. One just needs to disable headers and footers of the theme being used. The author recommends the Blocksy theme, maybe because it is very lightweight and uses modern technology. WordPress Embed integrates the page, pages or blog seamlessly into your Rapidweaver project. It does that sublimely well :-) Highly recommended for anyone needing an advanced CMS or need to integrate a WP page into a Rapidweaver project.

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