A modern re-make of the old "Japanese Fantasies" RapidWeaver theme

Will Woodgate
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Inspired by the old "Japanese Fantasies" RapidWeaver theme, Zen is completely redeveloped for RapidWeaver 8 and above. Perfect proof that older RapidWeaver theme designs can still be rejuvenated and used in new websites!

Zen is a great entry-level theme for novice RapidWeaver users. This theme is perfect for small websites, e-commerce or blogs. Zen supports all the main RapidWeaver page types and some third-party plugins like RapidCart Pro, FormsPlus, and Stacks (not included). A couple dozen style and colour settings allow you to modify all the basics in just a couple of clicks. Within a short timeframe, Zen will give you a beautiful website to be proud of.

Key features of Zen:

  • Fully mobile responsive and compatible with all newer web browsers.
  • Coded to the very latest HTML5 and CSS standards.
  • 3 accent colours red (default), green and blue.
  • Supports dragged and dropped banner images in the Page Inspector.
  • Several sizing options for things like breakpoints, padding and font sizing.
  • Change the positioning of titles, slogans, navigation and sidebars.
  • 10 ExtraContent containers.
  • Bootstrap 5 and Font Awesome Icons included.
  • Kaushan Script embedded fonts for headings.
  • Excellent accessibility standards for end users.
  • Compliant with important privacy laws, like GDPR & DSVGO.
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