ZipList allows you to add quick and simple collapsible lists to your RapidWeaver built website. With the ability to link to each section.

Will Woodgate
3 reviews

Using a bare-minimum of modern jQuery Javascript, ZipList expands or collapses the contents of each list item on command. ZipList stacks are marked-up as HTML definition lists; so they can boast excellent accessibility and SEO standards. As you would expect ZipList is fully mobile responsive and works reliably in all major web browsers. On print and PDF output, the content is automatically expanded.

You will find ZipList is fast and easy to setup. After all, the emphasis of ZipList is on simplicity, rather than extensive feature sets. However don't let this deter you; in that you'll find ZipList still contains a decent array of customisable options. Support for custom triggers and callbacks really turbo-charge the capabilities of this stack for 'pro' RapidWeaver users.

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ZipList Info

  • Version 3.2.0

  • Released Sep 25th, 2020

  • Will Woodgate
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ZipList Reviews

One of my go to stacks!


3 years ago

ZipList is great for keeping lots of information on your site ordered and simple. I use it on all my sites. You can see it in action here: Notice how you can click on any topic heading and that heading opens and smoothly scrolls to the top? There is nothing out there that does this as elegantly as ZipList. The icing on the cake is that the developer truly cares about making his addons clever and simple. This means he listens to suggestions and always responds in a timely manner. The price is a bargain!

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Easy to Use and Manage!

[email protected]

3 years ago

The new update of ZipList is great. Easy to use, to add or remove, or rearrange items. Controls for background, colors, shadowing, all easy to understand and easy to use. Makes accordion style reveals easy to set up.

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Great Looking Stack

Eric Vaughn

7 years ago

ZipList is such a great looking stack. I will use this on every FAQ page I have. One of the best features of this stack is how smoothly everything moves to the top of your page when you "click" open an item on your item list. Great work guys.

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