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With over 1000 addons available, there's a plenty of options available to you when building your next site with RapidWeaver. One of the most popular ways is to use a framework based approach within Stacks. This approach allows you to create a custom design and layout, and is a more complex option compared to using a ready-made theme. So with that in mind, Dan recently recorded a mini-series showing you how to use Foundry and Stacks to create a unique site.

What is a Framework?

A framework in Stacks is a collection of stacks that all work together to give you a complete system to design any layout you wish. There is a "settings stack" that gives you style settings for global things like fonts and colors, this needs to be included on all pages and ensures your design is consistent across the entire site.

Depending on the framework you choose, you will have additional stacks for galleries, grid layouts, headings, and so on. You combine these stacks to create your page layout as you wish.

The benefit of using a framework in RapidWeaver is that you have complete control over how your site is designed. There's some intial setup (and perhaps learning curve) that needs to happen, but once you get the hang of things you'll be designing pages without relying on a theme.

Choosing a framework

There are a few different options when it comes to frameworks in RapidWeaver. The two most popular options are Foundry from Elixir and Foundation from Weaver's Space. There are also other options like UIKit, so you should definitely do your research before jumping in to one system.

Each system has a unqiue set of stacks and additional stacks that work nicely with each other. For example, Weaver's Space also develops TotalCMS which integrates seamlessly with Foundation for online editing. Elixir has Alloy for online blogging, which integrates with Foundry. As I say, make sure to do some research and know what type of site you're looking to build before jumping in.

An easy to use, yet powerful, free-form framework that allows you to build beautiful, responsive sites with drag-and-drop ease.

Keep learning

We have video tutorials covering how to build a site with Foundation, how to get started with Foundry, and even how to setup TotalCMS for online editing. If you want to learn more, we have plenty of videos covering frameworks.

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