Ben and Dan talk about a new RapidWeaver 7 feature called “Health Check”. It's a nice SEO helper that lets you know if you've forgotten to set any meta tags, customise the folder names, set page titles, and more. We also talk about RapidWeaver 7's “portable documents” feature, which will allow you to share your RapidWeaver documents across multiple Macs.

Our topic this week is “Web Typography”. We talk about how you can use custom fonts on your site, and the pros and cons of doing so.

We've also got a lot of new content on the RapidWeaver Community site this week, including two new video tutorials: “Integrate your blog in to RapidWeaver” and “Modal contact forms using Focus and FormLoom”. If you subscribe to the Gold plan, you can now download ImageHide 2 for free!

You can also listen to an interview with Adam Shiver (aka Elixir Graphics).

Finally, a reminder: if you've built an awesome website with RapidWeaver, please submit it to the Gallery.

We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then Happy Weaving!